Music to My Ears

Wednesday evening, Ragazzi’s Concert Group and Young Men’s Ensemble both had very successful rehearsals with about 50 boys each, using JackTrip Virtual Studio. This was the first time many of these boys have been able to sing together in several months. It may have also been the largest group to ever sing together over the […]

Introducing JackTrip Foundation

I’m pleased to announce the launch of the JackTrip Foundation, a newly formed non-profit organization dedicated to advancing technologies to enable music collaboration over the Internet, and to facilitate the creation of music that transcends distance constraints. I’m rolling the work I’ve done with Ragazzi and other groups into this, with the goal of making […]

Two Sound Devices for 100, from Pisound and Presonus

I finally dusted off and some hardware today that I’ve been wanting to test out for a few months.. Pisound (100€) is a very high quality audio HAT for Raspberry Pi made by a Lithuanian company named Blokas. Most notably, it features 192kHz 24-bit Stereo input and output driven by Burr-Brown Op-Amps, ADC and DAC […]

Scaling to 500 with JackTrip

As our choral practice groups have been growing in size, I’ve been keeping a closer eye on scalability. Today, I was able to complete a (synthetic) test that simulated a performance involving 254 500 live participants, all connected via a single JackTrip server! This article is for the larger groups out there, about how to […]

Open Back Headphones

One of the challenges our Ragazzi YME boys have faced with our weekly online rehearsals was adjusting to how they heard their own voice. There seems to be disagreement over the value of hearing your own sound echoed back in the mix on your headphones. Some say that this is essential to being able to […]

Is it possible to play music together over the Internet?

Sorry for the lack of articles this past month. I’ve been more busy than ever working on a few things: Ragazzi YME has been hosting weekly online rehearsals since our first one held on June 24th. Today, we’re expanding this to a group of about 20 boys. Our Alumni Chorus, Ragazzi Continuo plans to begin […]

First Singing Test – June 24th

Since my last post, I’ve been busy preparing for our live singing test with volunteers from Ragazzi’s YME Chorus. We distributed 7 test kits consisting of Raspberry Pi 4B’s with HifiBerry DAC+ ADC, a microphone, all necessary cables, etc. The boxes are designed using a custom image to run headless (no monitor, keyboard, or mouse), […]

Testing Jamulus Latency on Raspberry Pi

Similar to JackTrip, Jamulus is an open source project that uses the Jack Audio Connection Kit. Clients stream their audio to a server, and the server mixes all the audio together and streams the result back to each of the clients. I built Jamulus on my Raspberry Pi by following these instructions, and tested it […]

Testing HiFiBerry DAC+ ADC

In my previous post, I tested the latency of the HiFiBerry DAC+ ADC Pro with great results. Today, I tested their less expensive model ($50 versus $65): the HiFiBerry DAC+ ADC. I used jack_delay as described in this post with Raspbian (kernel 4.19.118-v7l+). Here are the device loopback test results, along with the previous Pro […]

Building JackTrip for Elk Audio OS

I believe there are many attractive things about Elk Audio OS. It is optimized for audio applications by experts, runs a customized 64-bit kernel on Raspberry Pi, has a great toolchain for customization, and has a slick update mechanism that uses two rotating partitions to ensure it can always boot successfully. I wanted to try […]


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