Is it possible to play music together over the Internet?

Sorry for the lack of articles this past month. I’ve been more busy than ever working on a few things:

  • Ragazzi YME has been hosting weekly online rehearsals since our first one held on June 24th. Today, we’re expanding this to a group of about 20 boys.
  • Our Alumni Chorus, Ragazzi Continuo plans to begin holding weekly online rehearsals on Monday, July 20th.
  • We are testing both JackTrip and Jamulus on very low latency (1ms), plug-and-play Raspberry Pi boxes with HiFiBerry audio boards. Despite the range of last-mile Internet connection performance, we so far have been very successful.
  • We are now planning the rollout of this technology to the entirety of our 200+ member chorus, by the time our regular season restarts in September.
  • Everyone is alpha testing custom software I built that enables both the boxes and servers to be fully managed via a cloud service. I am now planning to launch an open beta of the software and service, along with making fully assembled plug-and-play boxes publicly available by the end of the Summer. More to come on that.

Many thanks to Jazz Night for explaining all this far better than I could have!

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